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Self-Defence Against Cancer

When the doctor got cancer, he took advantage of its vulnerabilities. This book tells the story of how Dr Torp fought cancer with diet and exercise.

"A very well written and inspiring book" - Jan Soderberg
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Dr Øyvind Torp - Self Defence Against Cancer

The act of taking an active part and contributing positively to my own treatment, taking responsibility for my own fate, gave me a sense of relief, purpose and hope. ​That is also the basic idea behind this book. ​

I hope that you will be inspired to start your own project, enabling you to take meaningful steps on the way towards better health.

Dr Oyvind Torp

Author - Self-defence against cancer

What’s Inside the Book?

When I was diagnosed with cancer in June 2016, the news shook my world to its foundations. My solid confidence in the future was suddenly replaced by an unstable tower of harsh, unanswerable questions. Why me? What have I done wrong? How will this end? Fortunately, another important question also arose. What can I do to improve my prognosis?

“You may not necessarily have motivation or energy to follow all my advice, but remember that each individual measure is effective.”

– Dr Oyvind Torp

Part 1

What is the nature and causes of cancer?

  • Cancer – An Epidemic?
  • Why Me?
  • Why Isn’t Cancer Cured?
  • How Does Cancer Start?
  • A Fruitless Search For The Superdrug
  • Mitochondria – Problems In The Powerhouse
  • Ten Common Features Of Cancers
  • The Battle Begins
  • Attack From Several Directions – The Key To Success?
  • Combined Treatments

Part 2

I point out that cancer also has weak points that you can take advantage of.

  • Strategy 1 – Eat food that damages the cancer cells’ blood supply
  • Strategy 2 – Avoid and clear out damaging substances
  • Strategy 3 – Reduce stress
  • Strategy 4 – Reduce excessive hormone levels and obesity
  • Strategy 5 – Reduce inflammation
  • Strategy 6 – Boost immune defences
  • Strategy 7 – Every training session counts
  • Strategy 8 – Restrict cancer’s capacity to spread
  • Strategy 9 – Kill cancer cells
  • Strategy ​10 – Cut off the sugar supplies
  • More about ketogenic diets
    • Who should be cautious about a ketogenic diet?
    • Important things to consider before you try it
    • Some tips
    • What can you eat?
    • Vegetables
    • What do you need to avoid on a ketogenic diet?
    • Examples of ketogenic meals
    • Periodic fasting – an alternative?
  • Does it work?
  • The dream becomes reality

Part 3

I give you practical advice on how you can best carry out a counter-attack on cancer, with ten steps you can take to improve your own prognosis.

  • 10 steps towards a better prognosis
  • Shopping list
  • Let’s all join the struggle!
  • Epilogue

The book “Self-Defence Against Cancer” is academically engaging, yet an easy read. It is written with the general public in mind, but doctors and other medical professionals could undoubtedly also benefit from reading it. The author’s clear and concise presentation of the subject with short, easy-to-understand chapters, make this book a top choice for people who want to know more about the importance of diet, and the role it plays in treating and preventing cancers. Doctor Oyvind Torp has provided a great public service by writing this engaging – and potentially life-saving – book. Buy it now – one copy for yourself and one for your family doctor!


This is a brilliant book. I think the current practice in oncology deeply underestimates the importance of multimodal cancer treatment. Dietary and lifestyle changes are just as important as conventional cancer treatment, but patients seldom get the proper advice. I strongly recommend this well written and understandable book to my patients and for everyone who wants to do whatever possible to prevent cancer.

Per Erik Bo, M.D.

H Johnston
Very informative
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I found this book very interesting and informative. Many of my relatives have suffered and died from cancer. Medical schools should teach their medical students about diet and nutrition to treat cancer (and other diseases) . I'm planning on changing my diet to keep your mitochondria healthy.
Jan Soderberg
A very well written and inspiring book!
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I heard about this book from a Danish friend who was excited about the advice given in the book as most Danish doctors seem to ignore the importance of lifestyle changes when cancer strikes. I found this book most interesting and will warmly recommend it for anyone who will do everything to fight cancer. I read it in English, but it seems the book will be published in Danish shortly.
Kim Gustavsen
A must-read!
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I don't have cancer myself, but I bought this book simply to see if I can use the same diet to reduce the risk of cancer sometime in the future. And reading through the book it really seems logical and quite obvious to me. (I have also read it in an other language previously). The book is structured so it is easy to read for everyone, and also with further readings for doctors wanting to take a look at the corresponding studies. I followed the main advice given in the book and I feel more energetic, less hungry and I manage to do more activities after work. My diet have changed significantly, but my daily routine is basically the same. To me this was surprising and a major bonus!

What Does a Doctor Do When Cancer Strikes?

This Norwegian bestseller tells the story about a young doctor who was forced to find his very own answers. When conventional treatments were not enough and his prognosis was dire, Dr Oyvind Torp was left with no other choice than to scour the scientific literature to discover strategies that might prove helpful.

This book explains in detail how you can take part in your war against cancer, based on the latest science. In addition to standard cancer treatments, the author outlines 10 effective strategies individuals can utilise to keep cancer at bay.

  • Discover the science of how diet- and lifestyle changes can effectively disarm cancer cells and make them weak and vulnerable.

  • Learn how diet and physical activity can stimulate the immune system to attack cancer cells and defeat the disease alongside traditional treatment methods.

On a summer day in 2016, Dr Oyvind Torp was sitting in his consulting room looking at the image of his own MRI scan. There were patients in the waiting area, but he couldn’t gather his thoughts. The image showed cancerous tumours. The doctor had suddenly become a patient himself.

His survival instinct was aroused. Was there anything he could do to improve his chances of surviving cancer?

After investigations, operations, pain and morphine his body came to life again and his will to resist and fight cancer grew. Studying the research reports, he found numerous measures, large and small, that individually and together could be effective against cancer, in addition to the standard treatment. A year after the operations he crossed the starting line in the Berlin Marathon, with joy and relief in each step.

Still a cancer patient, four years after the diagnosis, he is now in better shape than ever before. Against all odds, his cancer has stopped growing.

This book gives invaluable advice to cancer patients and to everyone who wishes to do whatever possible to stay healthy and avoid cancer.

Dr Øyvind Torp - Self Defence Against Cancer

About the author

Dr Oyvind Torp

Øyvind Torp (b. 1977) graduated from The University of Oslo in 2006 and has worked as a family doctor for more than ten years.

He is a specialist in general medical practice with further training in psychiatry and cognitive therapy. His fields of special interest are diet and physical activity.

In June 2016 he received the shocking news of advanced cancer and has since devoted his time and his life to beating it. So far, 4 years after the diagnose, he has succeeded in keeping the cancer at bay. 


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Dr Øyvind Torp (b. 1977) graduated from The University of Oslo in 2006, has worked as a family doctor for more than ten years and is a cancer survivor.

This website is dedicated to showcase his #1 bestseller book Self-Defence Against Cancer which was released on Amazon in January 2020.

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