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Self-defence against cancer - Øyvind Torp - Synergy effect of anti-cancer foods

Synergy effect: Combining Anti-cancer foods

Combining a variety of anticancer foods is smart because the synergy created between active chemicals in plants (phytochemicals) provides a huge bonus effect. Combining two

Immune system

Cancer, Corona, and the immune system

A strong immune system is imperative in fighting cancer. In these days, the corona pandemia makes the question of optimal immune defence even more important.


Darkness and morning light

It was early summer 2016. My consulting room was rather too warm, and I was sweating a little in my suit. I couldn’t gather my


Getting to know I have cancer

Tumours in the pancreas. Widespread enlarged lymph nodes in the abdomen. Tumour in a rib. I felt queasy. I ought to have gone straight home,

Book Cover Self-Defence Against Cancer - Dr. Oyvind Torp
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About this website

Dr Øyvind Torp (b. 1977) graduated from The University of Oslo in 2006, has worked as a family doctor for more than ten years and is a cancer survivor.

This website is dedicated to showcase his #1 bestseller book Self-Defence Against Cancer which was released on Amazon in January 2020.

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Cancer and stress

Stress increases the level of stress hormones. This can be beneficial in the short term, but if continued, it is harmful in the long term.

Every training session counts

“Big Journeys Begin With Small Steps” When I became ill, I didn’t have the energy even to think about exercising. It was as if all

My Top 10 Cancer-Fighting Greens

Nature´s cancer-fighting phytochemicals can provide useful help in your fight against cancer. These chemicals are molecules that possess the capacity to interfere with various processes


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