Synergy effect: Combining Anti-cancer foods

Self-defence against cancer - Øyvind Torp - Synergy effect of anti-cancer foods

Combining a variety of anticancer foods is smart because the synergy created between active chemicals in plants (phytochemicals) provides a huge bonus effect. Combining two individual foods can be more effective than the added effect of each food because nutrients working in synergy means that the added effect can rise to 3 or maybe 4 times the expected effect. This effect is not instant but becomes evident over time. The food you eat can act as a slow-acting poison or a slow-release medication- it all depends on your choice. Choosing the right kind of food can make a big difference.


A complete anti-cancer diet combines different foods with powerful anti-cancer phytochemicals, each food with a proven effect against cancer. At the end of the day, it might not be useful to study each food in detail. What really matters is the effect of combining them all. Look at the vegetables on your plate; how effective can each of them be, and what is the potential of combining them all?

Science gives us reason to believe that a diet combining phytochemicals working in synergy will help slow down cancer (1). There is no reason to believe that such a diet is harmful. Has the time come for you to start your own anti-cancer project?

(1) – World Cancer Research fund/American Institute of Cancer research 2018: “Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: A Global Perspective”

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